Evolution of investment proposals in the construction of biofuel plants

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Our goal is the success of each investment project and excretion bioenergy Russia to a new level

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The global market for pellets is growing at 16-17% per year and will reach 4 trillion. dollars in absolute terms in 2020.

Figure 1 - Dynamics in kindи (млн. тонн)

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Schedule 2 - dynamics in absolute terms

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  • Conducting due diligence
  • Industrial Development
  • Providing long-term contracts for the supply of

Team BioInvest; collected from employees of various companies bioenergy industry in Russia.


The combined experience of its own production and import of equipment for production and ensure proper infrastructure, can solve the most complex and, at first glance, unforeseen problems.


Moreover, as representatives of enterprises, export processing equipment, both in Europe and in a number of Pacific countries, we have a clear vision of the current global market, its needs and shortcomings.


This knowledge is supported to achieve the claimed results we invest in biofuel plants.



Description of the market
The project, with export potential and, at the same time, domestic demand is meet biofuel plant.

    The era of cheap energy is not far off. Nuclear power, along with the rapid pace of developing bio-energy are the main hope of humanity today.
    Investments in biofuel plants with a capacity of 10, 20 and 40 thousand tons of pellets per year safely allow investors to enter the market and successfully implement financial expectations. In conjunction with the annually growing at 16-17% of the market, making biofuel plant was one of the best investment projects shortly.
    Price out of the project, if the investor does not plan to use the biofuel plant is relevant determination of the fair value, equal to 1.5-3 times the amount of the initial investment.
    Given the current market conditions, the annual untapped demand from Russia is estimated at 4-5 million. Tons of pellets. And this despite the enormous resources of the forest industry in our country.



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Warehouse balance and croaker>1 000 m2
Warehouse chips>420 m2
Warehouse clean sawdust>500 m2
Warehouse sawdust (polygon)>500 m2
Waste volume>4 000 pl.m3
Height (canopy) – 5m

Area> 80 m2
Height> 3,5 m

Area>400 m2
Max. height -11 m
Productivity>10 000 tons of pellets per year

Area>1 000 m2
Height -7m
Number of big bags >500 pcs. (for 1t)

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from55mln. rubles
The volume of investments
from70mln. rubles
The fair value
from2-years old
Simple payback period
Profitability Index (PI)
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